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Spools of innovation for paper and board

Pulp and paper mills support close to 70,000 full-time jobs – primarily in rural and regional areas Australia wide – contributing $3.7 billion to the economy. As a driving force in Australia’s manufacturing sector, the decline in accessible resources and the need to convert to more sustainable practises, has forced innovation on the paper and board industry.

David Caramia is the National Business Development Manager at Motion and spoke in more depth about the paper and milling industry in Australia.

“From natural disasters, to mill shutdowns, the paper and board industry is really feeling it,” Caramia said.

“In addition, there has been a lot of demand for product, so businesses in this sector are under pressure to increase their production. On the positive side, we’re seeing a lot of innovation in the sector here in Australia.”

According to Caramia, Motion works with businesses in the paper and board industry to help address production demand by improving machine performance, maintenance, and parts supply.

“We get out on site and troubleshoot solutions based on a wide variety of issues people may be facing in this industry, as well as identifying ways to create new opportunities to supply products and assist with keeping their assets going,” he said.

Nation-wide, Motion currently holds major contracts and services with various paper and board companies. With decades of experience, Motion has been at the forefront of improving component performance and increasing plant efficiency in this sector.

“We have a huge network of expertise to draw on from our own businesses, including our partner suppliers such as Gates®, Schaeffler, NSK, and Timken,” Caramia said.

“Any type of industrial component or solution required at a paper and board plant we can help with – from bearings to reverse engineering of parts or equipment repairs – having Motion as a trusted partner can help bring many efficiencies to a company in this sector.”

Caramia notes that Motion can work with customers to address the sourcing of products to reduce long lead times on overseas imports.

“Amongst the growing demands of the industry is the ongoing global parts supply issue – Motion is committed to addressing this by providing our customers with a wide berth of solutions and as much locally sourced product as we can,” he said.

“We can start by providing site assessments to find alternative parts solutions and can draw from our stock – which we have secured through our partnerships – to keep businesses in supply,” Caramia said.

Another key issue that Motion works with customers on is energy efficiency.

“There is an industry-wide need to start reducing our carbon footprint,” he explains.

“When working with customers in the paper and board industry, the biggest issue they face on this front is their energy consumption rates. Motion is able to assist by providing energy efficient technologies that monitor and cut down energy usage.”

Additionally, Motion provides a comprehensive range of products, suitable for paper and board sectors, encompassing lubrication systems, bearings, safety products, hydraulic and industrial hoses, material handling equipment, and more. With a deep understanding of the industry’s unique needs and challenges, Motion is committed to delivering solutions that can endure the most demanding environments, ensuring their longevity throughout their entire life cycle.

“In this sector we work with customers whose equipment is constantly under environmental stress, using a paper mill as an example, the applications in these mills undergo constant heat and pressure stress, so if we can provide customers with robust solutions, that can withstand these constraints, we know we’re making a real difference,” Caramia said.

In addition to promoting sustainable practices, Motion also places a strong emphasis on safety in the paper and board industry. With its extensive range of safety products, Motion helps to ensure that workers in this sector are protected from potential hazards.

“We have an all-round approach to helping our customer base, so ensuring the safety of workers is of utmost importance to us,” Caramia said.

“We understand the risks involved in the paper and board industry, which is why we work closely with our customers to identify potential safety issues and provide appropriate solutions to mitigate them.”

Caramia emphasises the distinct advantage Motion holds in the industry, remarking, “Not only do we have the capabilities to provide the product, but we are equipped to share industry-based knowledge and services to help fit, trouble-shoot and maintain the solutions provided to our customer base.”

“For example, Motion’s Engineering and Services Team, work extensively across mills in the paper and board sector, providing critical maintenance and repairs,” Caramia said.

The Motion Engineering Team works with customers to provide proactive maintenance solutions and can help ensure mill maintenance shutdowns are as efficient as possible, helping to increase machine life expectancy, and reducing rates of downtime and costly replacements.”

“Our customers benefit from our unparalleled engineering expertise and the comprehensive range of high-quality products we offer – solutions are designed with the unique challenges of the paper and board industry in mind.”


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