SpecFast goes above and beyond for key international customer


For many industrial sectors, maintaining COVID-19 safety protocols in the workplace has presented a unique set of challenges. Where groups of workers used to congregate along assembly lines and around equipment, distancing and additional protective measures are now commonplace and necessary to minimise health hazards.

According to Safe Work Australia, physical distancing and control measures such as hygiene screens are crucial to maintaining individual safety, where the spread of COVID-19 remains a risk. The plastics manufacturing industry in Australia has experienced high volumes of product demand over the last couple of years, as businesses have sought to deploy screening precautions in cafes, restaurants, offices, retail and industrial settings. 

Recently, a US based warehousing and distribution company began development of a new site in Sydney, where SpecFast has demonstrated a proactive service, tapping into Motion Australia’s capacity as a full-spectrum supplier.

“This business has been an existing customer of Motion North America for a while,” explained Grant Gray, national sales manager at Motion Australia. “This new local project has called for a huge product requirement in quite a short timeframe.”

Inside the warehouse, 204 worker stations are situated along a picking line, requiring the installation of plastic screens on a mobile tracking system. After receiving the original componentry order, the team at SpecFast saw an opportunity to extend their involvement in the project, saving the customer on extended lead times and cost.

“Originally we just received a list of fasteners, which we compared with what the company had been using in the US,” explained Mark See, business region manager at Motion Australia. “We quickly found that they were non‑compatible for the Sydney site, so we came up with a tailored solution to meet the local requirements.”

“Following that, when we were sent photos of the job and saw that the application was on PVC plastic screens, we realised that we could actually be providing the whole thing to the customer,” See elaborated. “So we went back to them and offered a full solution, including the screens and the corresponding metal framework.”

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