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Sparkies to fork out to replace Advancetech’s dodgy DC isolators

Electrical contractors are obligated to pay for the
replacement of solar devices made by Advancetech, which was put in liquidation
on May 15.

A liquidator was pointed to the failed Sunshine Coast
company last week. Advancetech sold solar parts, including its DC isolators, of
which 27,600 were recalled following 70 rooftop fires in NSW and Queensland, according to The Australian.

Liquidators SV Partners are not required to comply with
the product recall order, the ABC reports.

“As liquidators, we are not trading the company’s business and
unfortunately we are not able to assist with the replacement of the isolators
the subject of the recall orders,” noted SV Partners.

Electricians are now responsible for the cost of replacing the recalled components

“The reassurance for the
customers involved is that the contractors are still obligated to replace their
product for free,” Malcolm Richards, chief executive of Queensland Master Electricians, told The ABC.

are a lot of small, mum-and-dad operators who are involved in the solar
industry, who have installed solar panels under the government rebate scheme,
who are now going to be left high and dry and have to stump up the cost of
replacing this product, which they bought in good faith as an approved
Australian product at the time.”


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