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Spain to Sydney shipping half the price of Perth to Sydney: Brickworks boss

According to the CEO of Brickworks, it is two times cheaper to send a brick to Sydney from Spain than from Perth.

The ABC reports that Lindsay Partridge of Brickworks, which is importing roughly a million bricks from Spain each month, criticised the restricted nature of coastal shipping in Australia.

"All ships that are coming in from overseas go around Australia one way or the other and they're going past basically empty and we just want to put containers on," he told the ABC.

According to the executive, costs per brick worked out to 10 cents from Spain to Sydney, compared to 20 cents from West Australia. He said the cost made it difficult to supply Sydney’s housing boom via manufacturing at Perth.

The Maritime Union of Australia dismissed Partridge’s figures as “extraordinary”, saying he was being ripped off if they were accurate.

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