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Space agency signs with local rocket manufacturer

The Australian Space Agency has signed a Statement of Strategic Intent and Cooperation with local rocket manufacturer Gilmour Space Technologies.

The company has already caught the eye of international investors through its innovation in low-cost space launch vehicles. These technologies have the potential to rapidly decrease the cost of getting a satellite into space, enabling a range of applications.

While the development of rockets has not been in the realm of the Australian space sector in the past, Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, Karen Andrews, highlighted how recent investments broadens the Australian space industry.

“This new partnership shows the breadth of capabilities being developed in Australia, supporting our mission to develop and grow the Australian space industry over the next ten years,” said Andrews.

Having sourced its funding through venture capital, Gilmour Space technologies is one of a wave of new space start-ups.

“Gilmour’s stratospheric growth in recent years is a terrific example of the economic and job opportunities in the space sector,” said Andrews.

The success of this company is hoped to drive international investment.

“Gilmour Space is an innovative local company attracting significant investment and overseas attention. The Gilmour team is already working on technologies with NASA to support future missions,” said Andrews.

CEO of Gilmour Space Technologies, Adam Gilmour, highlighted the collaborative nature of the Australian space industry.

“Growing the Australian space industry together is vital to its long term success,” said Gilmour.

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