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South Australia to promote advanced technologies and digital productivity

Australia's leading workforce planning and development specialist has recommended the creation of a South Australian Workforce Plan and Workforce Capability Framework to reflect the 10 economic priorities that form part of the new vision for the State’s economic transformation, announced by Premier Jay Weatherill on 11 August 2014 at a CEDA event.

The SA Workforce Plan and Capability Framework would outline capabilities and be mapped to units of competency and qualifications and a Skills for All initiative that supports South Australian Economic Priorities.

Wendy Perry, Head Workforce Planner, Workforce BluePrint, said that a State Workforce Vision and Plan would be the next obvious step in State Development, to cement the State as a place where people and businesses thrive.

“The Premier’s vision focuses on protecting the South Australian way of life that we value while opening the door to new ideas, new opportunities, new people and new businesses,” Perry says. “The Premier’s statement acknowledges our strengths and tradition but makes way for an ‘edge’. But what might the ‘edge’ be? There is one ingredient missing – a Workforce Vision.”

Perry says that while Adelaide is one of the priorities, it’s important that workforce priorities are reflected in regional workforce action plans for every region, both metropolitan and non-metropolitan.

“This would include a combination of overarching workforce capability and industry priorities with an overarching theme and specific workforce development solutions and strategies,” she said.

The 10 economic priorities in the State’s Economic Vision are:
1. Unlocking the full potential of South Australia’s resources, energy and renewable assets
2. Premium food and wine produced in our clean environment and exported to the world
3. A globally recognised leader in health research, ageing and related services and products
4. The Knowledge State – attracting a diverse student body and commercialising our research
5. South Australia – a growing destination choice for international and domestic travellers
6. Growth through innovation
7. South Australia – the best place to do business
8. Adelaide, the heart of the vibrant state
9. Promoting South Australia’s international connections and engagement
10. South Australia’s small businesses have access to capital and global market

Workforce Blueprint suggests the following workforce capability priorities:
• Advanced Technologies and Digital Productivity
• Asian Century and Cultural Connections
• Business Growth and Employment including Australian [and School-based] Apprenticeships
• Creativity and Innovation
• Entrepreneurship (in young people and mature aged) and Small Business
• Exporting and Operating in the Global Economy
• Knowledge Management and Partnership Development
• Infrastructure Development and Project Management
• Research and Development
• Sustainability and Heritage

The industry priorities identified by Workforce BluePrint include:
• Aged Care and Well Being
• Agriculture, Conservation and Land Management
• Biomedical and Health
• Complex Manufacturing, Defence and Engineering
• Food and Wine especially Food Safety, Biosecurity and Product Integrity
• Government including Local Government
• International Education
• Exploration and Energy, Mining and Resources
• Tourism and the Visitor Economy including Events
• Transport including the Taxi industry

“The Workforce Vision might be one and the same [as the State’s Economic Vision] but I think for the purposes of addressing the ‘people’ aspect of the Economic Development 10 Point Plan, this needs to be outlined specifically,” Perry says.

”Workforce development goes hand in hand with economic development and a Workforce Vision would provide a goal to work towards for the education, employment, higher education and VET systems. The Vision and priority framework would inform investment and policy development.”

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