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Solvent-free parts washer

THE new range of Bio-Circle bioremedial parts washers is safe, pleasant to use, and effective.

The stable and robust tank is made from plastic and does not corrode.

Bio-Circle uses the power of naturally occurring microbes to dispose of oils, light greases, cutting fluids, corrosion protectants and other contaminants.

The cleaning solution is not only pleasant and safe to use (it’s maintained at a constant 41°C and has a pleasant apple scent), it also remains free of the gradual build up of oil and grease associated with solvent cleaners.

Parts are always cleaned with fresh, clean solution and there is no residue. It can be used on steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and non-ferrous metals parts.

The stable and robust tank is made from plastic and does not corrode. It has a weight capacity of 250kg. The heating system keeps the cleaning agent at its ideal working temperature, while the air-pump ensures a steady supply of oxygen essential to the micro-organisms.

In addition, Bio-Circle L liquid contains a selected combination of nutriments, which guarantee the function of the micro-organisms through their while service life.

A plastic-foil key panel offers the operator ease of use and indicates the status of the process with pictograms. For maintenance the table is hinged for easy access.

Economic efficiency

The Bio-Circle has up to four times longer service life compared to solvent systems. Even as it’s used, the pump supplies clean solution from the bottom of the tank, while the microbes start to breakdown the contaminants floating at the surface, giving a high, consistent cleaning result.

As it is solvent free, you don’t have to pay someone to take away and correctly dispose of any used cleaner. There are no regulations applicable to the purchase, storage transportation or use of the cleaning solution.

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