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A bagging machine that can retrofit into existing plant floor space and integrate with automated bag palletising systems was created at Active Weighing Solutions with SMC’s help.

ACTIVE Weighing Solutions, with its expertise in weighing in-motion bulk materials, is involved in the design, manufacture and servicing of weighing equipment and complete weighing systems.

Building machinery for weighing bulk materials in a broad range of industries, Active Weighing Solutions weighing equipment can be found in mining, quarries, chemicals, plastics, recycling, food and grains industries.

The latest development from this company comes in the form of its fully automatic bagging machine. Already implemented in three states, the company has its sights on another three orders with a goal of having at least one running in each state by 2020.

The machine is also particularly suited for export and the modular design and “plug and play” solution makes this a relatively easy and quick install. The design was developed with transport in mind and the machine is designed in three parts which will suit most freight forward size restrictions.

With the electronics and mechanics individually wired up in the bulk head of the machine, the footprint remains small and tidy and the automatic bagging machine is ready for play on the other side.

The compact and robust GR900-15 Automatic Bagging Machine will reliably fill and close open mouth bags to a market ready finish.

Taking up less than 12 square metres floor space, the bagging machine can retrofit into existing plant floor space and integrate with automated bag palletising systems.

Featuring an intuitive touch screen with clear graphics, bagging runs are easily programmed by operators who are then free to attend to other tasks.

Created by Active Weighing Solutions engineers to meet local bagging requirements, the GR900- 15 Automatic Bagging Machine is designed to fill and close a variety of bags at rates up to 15 bpm.

With its unique design, the machine offers minimal operator involvement. Designed with the bag loading magazine separate, operators can safely load bags while the machine is in operation. The bagging machine will reliably pick, place and fill a wide range of bag types and sizes, and will implement self-recovery action when poor quality bags are encountered.

Built in sensors and detectors allow the machine to self-correct. Avoiding downtime, the sensors allow for a bag to be picked up up to three times – before a faulty bag is dropped and the next bag in the magazine selected. Production bagging targets can be reliably met while plant personnel attend to other tasks.

Other unique features are the detection sensors, which allow the machine to automatically adjust to the bag size. Various bagging materials such as laminated woven polypropylene, plastic and paper can be packed. The elegant construction of the machine also means that gussets are held neat and in place to ensure beautifully packaged shelf ready products.

Active Weighing Solutions managing director, Nigel Saul, said the company’s engineers have the knowledge and depth of experience to design bagging lines – from simple manual systems through to fully automated systems with robotic assistance.

“We will work with you to implement the bagging solution that meets your production need,” he said.

The Australian designed and built, the GR900-15 Automatic Bagging Machine makes available the best features of any comparable imported machine, with the added benefit of local maintenance expertise and locally sourced consumables and maintenance spares.

SMC was the chosen pneumatics partner and a natural fit for the company. SMC developed a special manifold which has valves facing both ways (into the machine and out) to accommodate the special installation requirements of Active Weighing Solutions. The range of manifolds is IP67K, which is the most flexible option with ability to install valves outside of the protective panel and closer to actuators for better control.

The energy efficient ZL212 multi- stage vacuum ejectors are extremely air efficient, but create high vacuum flow. These intelligent ejectors have a suction flow rate, which is increased by the three-stage diffuser construction and functions such as a digital vacuum switch or vacuum pressure gauge can be selected.

The easy bag and product change over and intuitive touch screen HMI means that high operator and skills set is not required. Furthermore, it is developed with the Australian temperatures and climate in mind.

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