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Solar power invention wins NZ award

A Christchurch manufacturer has won the Sustainable Energy Association of New Zealand's most innovative approach award for 2014. reports that EnaSolar, a division of Enatel, won the award for the immerSUN, a device that monitors electricity produced by household photovoltaic panels and then diverts any excess to other devices in the home, such as water heaters.

Electricity which otherwise would have been diverted to the grid is kept and used within the household.

EnaSolar general manager Trevor Foster told that power companies around the world are cutting the subsidies they pay for excess energy produced by households. Therefore, it makes sense to keep that power and use it within the home.

According to the company, heating hot water via the grid can account for over 30 per cent of electricity usage, so the immerSUN can significantly cut household costs.

The product is made in conjunction with a UK company and is also intended for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Image: EnaSolar

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