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Solahart wins major UN contract

Around 5,000 Australian manufactured Solahart solar hot water systems will be heading overseas to some of the world’s most volatile hot spots, following the announcement today of a major new international contract.

The solar hot water system company has secured a multi-million dollar deal to supply solar hot water heaters for new mission critical United Nations emergency accommodation.

Solahart’s Italian distributor, Accomandita, brokered the contract which is valued at $7 million over three years.

“The UN contract further reinforces Solahart as being at the forefront of the solar water heater industry,” said Stephen Cranch, Solahart’s National Business Manager.

“This is a major achievement, not only for Solahart, but also for Australian manufacturing and our reputation overseas as a major innovator of sustainable energy technology.

“Indeed, Solahart is known as the pioneer of solar water heating,” he said.

The solar water heating systems will be fitted into United Nations emergency accommodation (portable cabins), ready to be air lifted or sea freighted into trouble spots around the world.

The units will be temporarily stored inside the accommodation units during shipping, and then once they reach their destination the panels and tanks will be placed on pre-fitted mounting points on the roofs.

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