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Softmed becomes Australia’s first producer of non-woven fabric-based PPE

Australian personal protective equipment producer Softmed has become the country’s first manufacturer of non-woven fabric-based products such as surgical gowns, caps and shoe coverings.

The company last year established a purpose-built factory in Victoria and began producing millions of medical-grade face masks and respirators for the domestic and overseas market.

Softmed recently obtained European CE certification to sell FFP2 N95respirators to the EU market.

The company has already produced more than 100 million respirators and face masks in its first six months of operation, and has expanded production to include non-woven products including surgical and isolation gowns, surgical caps and shoe covers to meet the needs of the medical sector.

Softmed is planning for the production of approximately 500 million masks and 50 million gowns a year.

The full product range includes:

  • Surgical masks
  • Flat fold N95 respirators
  • Cup Style N95 respirators
  • Duck Bill N95 respirators
  • Surgical Gowns (L2, L3 and L4 Sterile)
  • Isolation Gowns (L3 and L4)
  • Surgical Caps
  • Shoe Covers

Softmed general manager Sergiy Tsimidanov said one of the issues with imported non-woven products was that they only come in standard sizes.

“Feedback from hospitals and healthcare centres suggests there are issues for both oversized and smaller professionals who find it hard to work efficiently in ill-fitting gowns.”

“As a local producer, Softmed has the capability to create bespoke sizes, which are not readily available from imported products,” Tsimidanov said.

Softmed is also in the final stages of NATA certification for its high-tech testing lab to quality assure all products.

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