Smooth sailing with Fenner belts

Did you know that the paper and board industry produce around 400 million tonnes of paper and board every year globally? As a result of this, the manufacturing process for paper and board products can be highly demanding on machinery, emphasising the importance of reliable and efficient power transmission systems.

This is where Fenner belts come in – offering an effective solution for standard drives. Rob Michelson, the Product Manager for Belts at Motion, discusses the great benefits of these solutions.

Fenner Transmission Belt Drives offer outstanding performance across a range of applications, from robust belt drives powering quarry machinery to essential pumps in chemical processing plants. They also deliver precise control in scientific equipment, ensuring reliable operation in various industries, he highlights.

Crafted using top-quality materials and employing advanced production techniques, Fenner belts, pulleys, and Taper Lock® shaft fixings are meticulously designed to provide a comprehensive belt drive solution. These components are manufactured with strict adherence to rigorous quality procedures, guaranteeing their durability and reliability in demanding environments.

Michelson highlights The Fenner ® Classic V Light Duty, Wrapped V-belt, which is an effective choice in the paper and board industry.

“Specifically designed for high ratio or small pulley drives, this belt offers exceptional performance. Its specially treated jacket provides superior anti-static, heat, and oil resistance, surpassing the new industry anti-ignition standards”, he states.

He continues that whether it’s power transmission or conveying applications, this belt delivers optimum performance and contributes to the overall efficiency of the equipment.

“Additionally, these belts can tolerate a wide temperature range from -40°C up to 80 °C, making them ideal for pump applications,” says Michelson.

The versatility of Fenner belts and the availability of multiple replacement options in various lengths make them an ideal choice for paper and board manufacturers. The ability to easily replace a damaged belt minimises downtime swiftly and effortlessly and enhances productivity, which is particularly crucial during periods of high demand.

“As each minute of downtime can result in substantial production losses, the reliability and ease of belt replacement provided by Fenner greatly contribute to maintaining smooth operations in various industries,” discusses Michelson.

Michelson highlights that Fenner has played a significant role in the power transmission industry for over a century. Additionally, their expertise extends beyond belt manufacturing to encompass various other areas.

“They have also established themselves as specialists in Gear Reducers and chains, as well as the iron wear side of things, such as pulleys. With such a wide range of products and experience, Fenner is a trusted and reliable brand in the industry. Their long-standing presence in the industry is a testament to the quality of their products and the expertise of their team,” Michelson explains.

It is essential to choose the right solution for the right application in the paper and board industry, as the cost of downtime and maintenance can be significant. The Fenner product line provides a cost-effective and reliable solution for standard drives and applications with low-duty requirements. Customers are advised to contact Motion, a leading supplier of Fenner solutions, to find out more about their product range and how it can benefit their business.

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