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Product: SmartRider ‘Escape’ Breakaway Stirrups

GETTING your foot entangled and caught in a stirrup while thrown from a bolting horse and being dragged is every riders worst nightmare.

Every year in Australia alone, 28 people die from horse-related accidents and over 3000 people annually suffer serious debilitating injuries.

Recognising that a safer stirrup option was needed to help prevent dragging related injuries, SmartRider and Equine Inventions development the SmartRider Breakaway Stirrup.

Manufactured from marine grade steel, the SmartRider ‘Escape’ Stirrup is a two-part stirrup that disengages an inner bar when a rider falls, setting the rider free when in a position of danger.

It is proudly a local invention: designed and developed in Australia.

The company’s design incorporates UV protection and can be produced in a vast array of colours. It also has the added provision of being able to be titled to a 180° angle allowing the system to double as a ladder, ideal for less mobile riders.

The footplate is flat rounded and because of this curvature, provides 40% more contact with the stirrup, compared with the traditional flat surfaced stirrup, giving more support and comfort to the rider.

Used by the Royal Canadian, New York, Czech, NSW, Victorian and QLD Mounted Police, the company is currently developing a ‘Performance’ Breakaway Stirrup, aimed at the racing industry.

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