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Product: Excellence Range Progressive Pocket Spring System

A STAGGERING 85% of Australians do or will suffer from a back disorder.

Recognising the importance of a good night’s sleep in developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, mattress and upholstered base manufacturer SlumberCorp designed a range of mattresses to assist in providing a restful sleep.

The ER Pressure Point mapping system, has been designed to allow the consumer to compare their individual pressure point results, to those used in the design of the beds.

This gives the consumer the ability to choose the best bed for them from the range of four that best suits their sleep pressure points.

Pressure points are created when the circulation is restricted in the parts of the body most in contact with the mattress.

Reduction in pressure points generates a deeper and more restful night’s sleep by reducing the amount of tossing and turning at night.

The ER Range of beds have been designed using only the highest quality components ER beds then use high density, high resilience urethanes (foam) to encase the spring system providing full edge support and a firm comfort layer.

As part of the company’s marketing strategy, retail outlets were carefully selected across a range of criteria and have reported anecdotally an increase in their average sales price as a result of having this range of beds available.

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