SIRF Roundtables – a 30-year tradition that’s here to stay!

SIRF Roundtables is an organisation that supports the improvement of Australasian Industry.

It was in 1988 that an exploratory meeting occurred that led to the formation of the ‘Strategic Industry Research Foundation’. SIRF began as an initiative of the Victorian Government and CSIRO, commissioned to stimulate research and development and improve collaboration between industry and researchers. That collaboration led to the formation of an Industrial Maintenance Roundtable (IMRt) by a group of 12 companies. A number of these companies remain active SIRF members to this day.

They continue to offer a diverse range of events providing value for everyone within an organisation. SIRF Roundtables does this through several events including Roundtable meetings (Rts), Common Interest Work Groups (CIWGs), Masterclass Sessions, Lean and Root Cause Analysis Training, National Forums and International Specialist Presenter.

In late 2013 the ‘Leadership Program’ was added as a member benefit. The skill of your Front line Leadership can often make or break your business. Many new leaders know how the process works and how to operate, but lack the leadership training to give them “The Edge”. SIRF developed this program with hundreds of successful participants completing the 6 session course over the last 8 years.

They continue to work with Bill Holmes founder of SIRF Roundtables and now CEO of RCA2GO who developed the RCA training course and RCA2GO software. Originally designed as ‘face to face’ workshops, however the covid-19 situation has allowed this training to be developed / enhanced for online delivery, with very positive feedback.

Its SIRF Roundtables “EXCLUSIVE” International experts have a long association with the business. Acclaimed authors Ron Moore (Operational Excellence & Reliability), Joel Levitt (Planning and Scheduling, Shutdowns & Outages, Fleet Management to name a few of his courses) and multi Shingo Prize winning Gwendolyn Galsworth (Visual Thinking / Visual Management).

“In the time of COVID-19, Ron and Joel’s excellent courses are now available online. Ron gave our network an hour of his time earlier this year in a fantastic fireside chat webinar (free for SIRF members) and Joel is doing similar on 2nd October for planning & scheduling,” said Jeff Naylor, managing director of SIRF Roundtables.

Jeff Naylor, is a long-time SIRF advocate and believes the safe industry confidante’ role plays an important part in supporting greater industry across Australia and New Zealand. He began working with the company in 2010 before becoming Managing Director and (joint) owner in 2014. With recent changes, Jeff and the SIRF Team are excited to have SIRF Roundtables as a whole once more.

“I was pleased to join a team of people who you could safely turn to for help without being sold to at every turn,” said Jeff. “I’m passionate about keeping that legacy going even through COVID-19, which is why I initiated our LinkedIn $100k support package and competition initiative.”

LinkedIn $100k support for the Australian and New Zealand industry through COVID-19

Jeff initiated a $100,000 support package of free training which includes RCA and 5YA3 problem solving, International Expert training, and other support for individuals and greater industry throughout Australia and New Zealand shortly after the pandemic hit.

“We are well on our way to achieving this goal and in fact will significantly beat it. While many of the prizes have been announced publicly on LinkedIn, many more will not be made public where we have supported individuals in transition and companies struggling through this difficult year,” Jeff said.

This is part of the resilience of SIRF Roundtables – its ability to adapt quickly to online events and tap into global expertise – something which has enabled SIRF to continue to provide events and services to meet its members’ needs.

“In fact, some of our members have commented that it is now easier to join the SIRF sessions than ever before,” Jeff said. “We have recently tapped into expertise from the US, Canada, the Netherlands to make this available to SIRF members to improve the knowledge sharing.”

SIRF Roundtables’ greatest value proposition is that it is not aligned to any one consulting group and endeavours to bring the very best expertise and knowledge available to benefit the SIRF membership. Jeff points out that even in the time of COVID-19, the organisation continues to welcome new company members to join the growing SIRF network.

Our members come from a wide range of industries and occupations: mining, ore processing, energy production, manufacturing, food industry, ‘hard hats’, ‘soft hats’, health industries, national defences, government, financial industries, communications, offices, science and education. As a member you are given exclusive access to our extensive library of presentations and studies which are full of industry solutions. Many of these valuable resources can’t be found anywhere else.

“We look forward to continuing to grow with our members and remain true to our SIRF motto of Smarter Together.”


Entry into the SIRF Roundtables LinkedIn competitions is easy;

  1. Follow our SIRF Roundtables LinkedIn page to be eligible
  2. Like or comment on the relevant post to enter a competition draw

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