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Simplify Your Remote Access to Equipment

With many manufacturing businesses expanding into multiple facilities and acquiring extensive distributed and mobile workforces, it is becoming increasingly costly, slow, and sometimes dangerous for operators and engineers to physically access locations and plants.

Remote access to equipment and devices is therefore critical. Whether it is data logging, condition monitoring, trouble-shooting, commissioning, or even operation and reprogramming, remote access provides the edge businesses need to remain competitive.

Businesses must therefore seek out the simplest and most secure way of implementing machine-to-machine (M2M) communication systems. Integrating the right systems will allow operators and engineers to service, program, and monitor industrial equipment and facilities remotely; unleashing a wave of new possibilities for data gathering, predictive analytics and automation.

The Internet of Things has made M2M communications much faster and more accessible, and made it easier than ever to remotely access a greater number of devices. However, conventional M2M solutions for remote access still face many issues. In many cases, it’s a difficult balance between security and ease-of-use and deployment, with many systems being complex to setup and difficult to manage.

However recent improvements in M2M connections now allow remote access to plants and equipment without compromising on either security or ease of use.

Secomea’s SiteManager solution, along with its GateManager server and LinkManager clients, provides more than just traditional remote access. With features like tablet/smartphone access, as well as easy 3G connectivity, it is tailored to the way operations work today, with multiple remote facilities and a mobile workforce.

Easy deployment

The Secomea SiteManager system can be set up in less than 15 minutes. Once the SiteManager connects to the Internet, it will connect to its GateManager.  Technicians do not have to do any further network configuration, like opening ports or assigning public IP addresses. An administrator can then log in to the GateManager web portal to create and administer client user accounts for engineers and operators.

Remote access; on-site productivity

Making remote machines talk is vital in order for our industrial future to be a thriving one. The Secomea approach serves this purpose, providing a direct data connection between machines, as well as providing users with secure remote access.

Powerful and easy-to-use management tools

Secomea SiteManager units can support up to 100 end devices, and the system is scalable by installing more units. The web-based administrative interface offered by the Secomea GateManager offers powerful management features to deal with as much volume as you require.

Market-leading security

Secomea’s remote access solutions are the most secure systems available for M2M communications. They have been tested and found to be compliant to NIST, ISA, BSI and ISECOM standards.

With SiteManager, system integrators, IT managers, machine builders, mine sites, and other users can quickly and easily create direct connections to remote devices, and reap the productivity benefits, without having to contend with the complexities and security risks associated with other remote access solutions.

For more information on Secomea’s SiteManager solution, download the free whitepaper here.

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