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Silvent products save money and cut noise at large sheet metal producer

Norsk Blikkvalseverk, Scandinavia’s biggest producer of sheet metal for the packaging industry, installed Silvent’s air nozzles to improve the working environment at their rollling mill.

The use of compressed air was considered to be one of their greatest problems, due to the intolerably high noise levels it generated.

After studying the various manufacturing processes, Silvent recommended solutions for every application of compressed air usage throughout the mill. These solutions sought to cut noise to an acceptable level, as well as lowering energy consumption and improving the quality of steel being produced.

Different air nozzles were chosen depending on the application in question. The nozzles most frequently utlitised were the 209, 705 and 920 models. The Silvent 209 air nozzle, made of zinc, can be used for a wide variety of applications to cut noise levels and energy consumption.

The Silvent 705 air nozzles is made entirely of stainless steel, with aerodynamic slots to allow for optimal utilisation of compressed air whilst keeping the noise level to a minimum. The Silvent 920 air nozzle, made of zinc, is a flat nozzle that generates a broad and efficient air cone.

Satisfaction with Silvent air nozzles previously installed led Norsk Blikkvalseverk to opt for full scale implementation of Silvent’s proposed solutions.

Calculations have shown that the reduction in compressed air consumption at the Kvarto Works alone to be 1.2 Nm2 per year, translating to an annual cost savings of approximately $18,000, an ROI of a few months.

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