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Silent air compression lines

SIAD Macchine Impianti, from Bergamo Italy, has modified the Tempo² range of PET-blowing compressors, to only produce 75dB(A) at 1m in any direction — proudly naming the new development ‘the Silent box®’.

The sound reduction is achieved via the use of a built in electrical soundproof cabin and In-Out Silenced air fan.

The cabin is completely accessible for full maintenance and allows for a quick and easy installation.

According to the company, a significant benefit of the new ‘Silent Box’ package is the elimination of the requirement to build a special ‘sound proof‘ service room which is typically used for High Pressure compressor installations.

It can also be retrofitted to existing SIAD installations on request.

The Tempo² machines are three stage units, which deliver totally oil-free, dried high pressure (40bar) air, with outputs from 90 to 5,500 Nm³ per hour.

The machines have also been designed with large inlet filters that are silenced and firmly mounted on the compressor skid, with a dust filtration level of only 3 microns and are fitted with stainless steel piping to prevent oxide formation.

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