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Signet invests in $7 million extrusion machine

Queensland packaging and industrial supplies company Signet has invested in a new $7 million plastic extrusion machine, citing the improved fortunes of local manufacturers.

The Courier Mail reports that the Italian-made machine is 17 metres tall, can produce 15 tonnes of plastic wrap a day, and enabled the company to reshore some of its manufacturing. The lower dollar had helped make the investment worth considering, said CEO Jack Winston.

“Labour is a fraction of the cost for the product we are making,” Winston told The Courier Mail, citing the benefits of automation as well as a lower Australian dollar.

“When considering all factors, including costs, Australian manufacturing can stack up.”

Signet began in 1968 and is based near Brisbane. It supplies retailers including Metcash, logistics companies, and industrial businesses (such as 3M and Ansell).

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  1. The country is decade plus behind in automation. We need to get on with especially complimentary automation, that does not shed jobs, but enhances them.

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