AS-i signal transmission via fibre optic

ifm’s new Actuator Sensor Interface (AS-i) fibre optic repeater enables AS-Interface signal transmission via an optical medium and vice versa. This allows for cable length extension in the AS-i network.

Every AS-i fibre optic repeater has two independent channels that consist of a transmitting and a receiving element, which are supplied via the  AS-Interface system. Various LEDs indicate the current operating status. This innovation is integrated into the new SmartLine housing.

Optical transmission means there is no interfering radiation, nor are there any ground problems. Fibre optic transmission systems exclude any electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) risk, as a matter of principle. It also eliminates distance related losses due to inductances, capacities and resistances – as is the case with copper cables for example. Consequently, the new AS-i fibre optic repeater contributes decisively to life-time extension and cost reduction.

Using the new AS-i fibre optic repeater allows for additional fibre optic network topologies (line topology, star topology).

Key features:

• AS-Interface signal transmission over a distance of up to 3.2 km

• Possibility of mixed operation (AS-i flat cable and fibre optic)

• Lightning protection, radiated EM interference immunity

• High operational reliability

• Electrical separation

• Plug-in connection terminals