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Siemens PLM Software celebrates ingenuity in Asia

Siemens PLM Software recently announced winners of the Asia Pacific Innovation Awards 2012 that place a spotlight on how PLM technology enables companies to make smarter decisions that lead to the creation of better products.

Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturers received the top honor followed by first runner-up Korean Air Lines, Aerospace division, and second runner-up SAIC GM Wuling Automobile.

The companies were presented with their awards during the Asia Pacific Executive Client Event (APECE), which brings together industry leaders to share PLM best practices and explore ways in which businesses can leverage PLM to get ahead in today’s competitive global economy.

The top award is presented to the company that uses PLM technology in a way that enables them to be a hallmark of success in the manufacturing industry, maximising the value derived from their products throughout the entire lifecycle to streamline their productivity and performance.

While Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturers walks away with top honors, it is not alone in showing ingenuity and innovation in its use of Siemens PLM Software’s technology. Each of the nominees demonstrated outstanding innovation in their application of PLM solutions for their businesses.

Implementing Tecnomatix portfolio enabled Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturers to come closer than ever before to real-time digital manufacturing.

Other benefits included a 25 percent reduction in the green field plant set-up time, a 28 percent improvement in effective working time by validating and reducing non-value add activities and an overall increase in flexibility which produced more product model mixes and reduced time-to-market.

First runner-up, Korean Air Lines, Aerospace division, implemented Teamcenter portfolio in their research and development (R&D) efforts for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in order to simplify overall processes and build a solid, PLM-based engineering backbone.

Second runner-up, SAIC GM Wuling Automobile, used Teamcenter to build an internal and external product collaborative design platform, thus reducing their product R&D cycle. The company has since shortened its new model development cycle and increased the effective control of their product engineering quality.

“Certainly the winners are in prestigious company as each of them has demonstrated a keen understanding of the trends and needs of companies within the manufacturing industry. We saw excellent representation from many industries, but especially from the automotive, high tech and aerospace industries,” said KC Yee, Senior Vice President and Managing Director for Asia Pacific, Siemens PLM Software.

“We’ve seen an increase in participation from the marine and shipbuilding industries which isn’t a surprise because these are emerging industries in Asia Pacific thanks to economic trade and the increase in exports and imports – both from within and around the Asia Pacific region – with major players being China and India.”

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