Siemens expands APS Industrial Master Distributor relationship to include building technology products

Master Distributor

Siemens has announced it will expand the APS Industrial master distributor relationship to include its building technology products portfolio. This comes off the back of the success and growth with APS as a distributor for Siemens electrical and automation products. 

According to Siemens Chairman and CEO, Jeff Connolly, this will support the continued growth of Siemens in the region.  

“The timing of this announcement to expand our reach, making it easier and more cost effective for customers to access our smart building products, coincides with the perfect storm of companies planning post pandemic office returns and committing to net zero targets,” Connolly said. 

“Buildings represent about 40 per cent of the world’s energy consumption and mostly they’re inefficient. With smart building technologies we can as much as halve the energy consumption of a building. If you have a net zero target, then this is a ‘must consider’ approach. If you’re a tenant, you want both lower energy bills and lower CO2 footprint. Expanding the APS master distributor relationship makes it easier for mechanical and electrical contractors and other customers to more readily access Siemens building technologies.”   

APS Industrial have grown six-fold since the master distributor partnership was first announced in 2018. They now employ around 160 people throughout Australia.  

“Having APS Industrial as a master distributor ensures we can respond to and manage customer demand quicker than ever – especially in current fast paced market conditions. Through APS, our customers already have access to the broadest portfolio in the industry for all their industrial electrical and automation requirements. It makes perfect sense to now include the vast range of building technology products as we see more and more intersecting market needs,” Connolly said.  

“We see this as a natural progression as it expands the reach of our building technology products due to the APS structure; it means more localised support and greater access to our products which is a good thing for customers. When we started this relationship, we described it as a game changer in the Australian market for low voltage electrical and automation products. Now we see this announcement as a game changer for building technology products, giving the market real choice – combining best products with best customer experience.” 

APS Industrial CEO David Hegarty was delighted with the deepening on the relationship. 

“We feel like we’re part of the extended Siemens family and feel privileged to be entrusted with selling what we consider to be the highest quality products of their type in the world. Combined with the complimentary portfolio of Weidmueller and Rittal, we are now able to help customers with the localised speed, flexibility and ease of doing business they demand and deserve,” Hegarty said.  

“From the beginning, our strategy has been to invest in an extensive range of connected products with the best local, technical and stock support. We have formed a strong and dynamic team who bring a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to the table – all highly focused on providing a great customer experience.” 

More information on Siemens’ building technology product portfolio 

The Siemens building technology portfolio includes:  

  • Room thermostats: Complete thermostat portfolio, ranging from simple mechanical and digital room thermostats for basic room climate control, to advanced KNX communicating thermostats for integration into building automation systems. 
  • Sensors: Symaro sensors offering precise measurements for room and duct applications throughout the entire lifecycle.  
  • Valves and actuatorsAcvatix range of valves and actuators fulfil any control and hydronic requirement associated with the generation, distribution and consumption of heating and cooling.    
  • Damper actuatorsOpenAir is a comprehensive portfolio of damper actuators with a wide selection of positioning forces, control signals, communications standards and add-on options.  
  • Variable speed drivesThe G120P variable speed drives provide a number of strategies for controlling fans and pumps that can achieve up to 60% energy savings compared to conventional control methods.  
  • Meters: Meters from Siemens provide precise acquisition and allocation of the energy consumption of heating, cooling and radiators in office buildings and residential areas. 
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