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Siemens announces Beyond 1% Summit: Accelerating digitalisation for sustainability and economic growth

Siemens announces Beyond 1% Summit as a national event with global and local thought leaders in Sydney on 3rd and 4th July 2024.

The two-day summit will unite leading industry, government and academia to discuss and map out how Australia can capitalise on opportunities with technology and digitalisation to grow business, strengthen the economy and contribute in a greater way to decarbonising the world.

“Australia is responsible for about 1% of the global emissions. Our Net Zero 2050 commitment means that by 2050 the nation will have addressed those emissions. Embracing key technologies including digitalisation gives us the opportunity to really punch above our weight when it comes to the clean energy transition and the broader topic of decarbonising the world. We can do much more than just 1% but that requires big picture thinking and an ‘all-in’ attitude. Most of all, we need to accelerate the way we embrace technology and digitalisation,” said Peter Halliday, chief executive officer of Siemens Australia and New Zealand.

Expecting over 400 participants, the Summit will explore how we can accelerate sustainability outcomes while growing Australian business and strengthening the economy.

The two-day event follows the success of other recent state-based Siemens Beyond 1% themed events and will feature one of Siemens’ most prolific global voices on energy transition, Stephan May, chief executive officer of Siemens’ global Electrification & Automation division. It will explore technologies critical to sustainability including Industrial AI, digital twins, additive manufacturing, digital decarbonisation platforms, smart grids, industrial metaverse and more.

A stellar line-up of global and local industry and government experts will engage through thought provoking keynotes, panel discussions, technology streams and workshops to showcase real examples of success from Australia and overseas. The Summit will also be a practical lighthouse for businesses by demystifying the targets and legislation, and highlighting avenues to access funding while providing opportunities for collaboration and networking.

Supported by the most senior levels of government, confirmed speakers also include:

  • Stephan May, Global chief executive officer of Siemens’ Electrification and Automation business, will reflect on how sustainability and grid stability go hand in hand and discuss the challenges and opportunities to delivering energy transition.
  • Bronwyn Fox, chief scientist, CSIRO will highlight the organisation’s work in leading innovation in Australia and also discuss the role of AI in Australian industry.
  • David Chuter, executive director, Industry Growth AusIndustry, Department of Industry Science and Resources will highlight investment and partnership opportunities from the government for businesses supporting energy transition.
  • Jon Dee, one of Australia’s leading voices on sustainability, the founder of Planet Ark, co-founder of National Tree Day (amongst other accolades), will provide practical steps and tools for businesses to reinvent and take advantage of this global imperative.
  • Rajat Kulshrestha, chief executive officer and co-founder, Space Machines Company will discuss how his company’s recently launched, largest Australian commercial satellite, will help sustainability in space.
  • Luke Menzel, chief executive officer, Energy Efficiency Council will explore the key role of managing energy demand to both drive out costs, increase profitability and ease the burden of energy targets.

Fox highlighted the importance of digitalisation in achieving sustainability stating, “In so many ways, climate change and the critical race to net zero will be the defining challenge of our generation. As Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO is right in the middle of meeting this challenge and that includes environmental, technical, social and economic research and innovation to help Australian industry and communities prosper in a low emissions world. Of all the levers we have to pull in what is an increasingly urgent setting, digitalisation is among the most powerful and effective – bringing new capabilities, insights, options as well as helping us address the age-old adage that you can’t improve what you can’t measure.”

The two-day Summit also includes a gala event to recognise some of the prime Australian examples who already represent the ideals and opportunities of ‘Beyond 1%’.

“In the race to net zero, Australia needs to do more with less. Digitalisation and technology allow us to reduce waste, increase our efficiency in the use of scarce resources and optimise our supply chains. Together, and with the right technologies, we can do much more than address 1% of the world’s emissions. I look forward to discussing how we can collectively achieve this at the Summit,” said Halliday.

For registration and more details go to: https://www.siemens.com/au/en/company/fairs-events/beyond-summit.html.


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