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Shoppers turning to private label brands

A Product of the Year Survey of 11,600-plus shoppers has found that almost all had bought private label brands.

Product of the Year, which held its annual awards light night, found that 94 per cent of respondents had bought a home brand, and 60 per cent felt these felt that these were of a similar standard and were just as visually appealing as branded products.

The organisation’s director, Sarah Connelly, said in a statement that consumers’ carefulness with money could be driving the move.

"The difficult economic environment has been a strong driver of private label growth," AAP reports her as saying.

"People are constantly searching for value and looking for ways to save dollars."

A trend of private labels making their packaging more unique was also evident..
“This year we had a lot of entries from private label, which are becoming incredibly innovative in their own right and not necessarily trying to follow but are now paving their own way and make their own brands,” she told Marketing magazine.

For more on the awards, including a full list of winners, please visit Manufacturers’ Monthly’s sister publication, Food Magazine.


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