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Shell mill side plunger

ISCAR has introduced a new side plunger — the Tang Plunge. The plunger’s major advantage is the ability to machine at long overhang with minimal bending forces.

Tang Plunge — high durability and excellent cutting performance.

When long overhang is applied on conventional side milling cutters, the tool and adapter quite often cannot withstand the high moments. As a consequence, the system becomes unstable.

The result is vibration, noise and tool deviation, which causes inaccurate machining and damage of machine, tool and adapter.

Vibration and noise automatically leads to a reduction in cutting parameters: speed, feed, width and D.O.C. The outcome is a decrease in material removal rate and thus longer machining time. The side plunger reduces these problems.

The HTP-R-LN16 shell mill plungers are available in 52mm to 100mm diameter range, carrying the HTP LNHT 1606 ER – 16mm tangentially clamped inserts on the frontal face of the tools.

The insert pocket of these tools resembles the Tangmill pocket, featuring high durability and excellent cutting performance. The tools have coolant holes for efficient edge flushing and chip evacuation.

Features include:

* Elimination of angular retraction movement.

* Compensation for deviation due to side bending.

* Reduction in machining cycle time.

* Elimination of the need for special CNC programming.

* A precision finish cut can be obtained for better side wall surface finish by employing a controlled rear feed.

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