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Shanghai World Expo 2010 relies on Victaulic pipes

Victaulic recently announced that four buildings at the Shanghai World Expo 2010 are using its piping systems for key building services.

The Expo Center, the Expo Culture Center, the Expo Axis and the China Pavilion are all using Victaulic piping systems for their HVAC, fire services and water supply needs.

The Victaulic grooved piping system was reportedly selected for its ease of installation with its grooved-end method of joining pipe, being three to four times faster than similar welded or flanged pipes, according to Victaulic.

Victaulic products are made from natural and recycled resources, which the company claims is an important consideration given the sustainable development messages of the exhibition.

According to Victaulic, grooved piping systems do not emit CO2 and other harmful gases during installation and maintenance and also do not need electricity during installation.

Safety is also improved since no open flames are required as is the case for welded pipes, Victaulic claims.

“We are delighted to have been chosen to provide systems for these prestigious structures and for playing our part in this international exchange and communications event,” said Ying Cao, sales manager, East China Region, for Victaulic.

“Each building will receive millions of visitors so it’s important that all building functions work smoothly and without fault. Being a six-month show, the core HVAC will face both the heat of summer and the cold of autumn, but we remain confident that our piping systems will perform reliably.”

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