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Shaft-mounted gear reducer

THE Posiplan range of gear reducers has been expanded to 12 sizes with peak torque now up to 89,000Nm, with a ratio range from 13:1 to 10,000:1.

Continuing development will see larger sizes being released in the future.

First released in Australia in 2006, this gearbox range manufactured by PIV Posiplan of Italy has found good initial acceptance in the local market, with a number of installations as take up winches used in conveyor drive applications.

The ultra compact design has made these units ideal for this type of application, which allows fitting in restricted spaces. Other applications that are ideal for these units include screw conveyors, travel cranes, continuous casting machinery, etc.

A unique hybrid design, which combines planetary with helical gears, or planetary and bevel-helical gears, allows Posiplan gear reducers to provide very high reliability, with little maintenance.

The units also exhibit high efficiency, due to the quality of the gearing and bearing choices. Efficiencies at greater than 97% for two-stage units is typical, with slightly lower efficiencies for three and four-stage units.

All Posiplan units come with a torque arm as standard. Optional accessories include shrink discs, common bed frames, backstops, brakes, auxiliary drives and cooling/lubrication systems.

All units are shaft-mounted with either a hollow through shaft with keyway, hollow shaft with shrink disc, or splined hollow shaft. The teeth correction and crowning design guarantee optimum performance under load.

Gleason bevel gears are case hardened, and profile ground or lapped in pairs. Planetary ring-gear is nitride hardened, pinion and planet gears are case hardened with the profile ground for maximum performance and quiet operation.

Posiplan gearboxes features special seals to protect against lubricant leakage and contamination-with labyrinth seals or double seals, with separate grease-filled chamber.

Output hollow shafts are available in cylindrical with key, cylindrical hollow shaft for shrink disc and splined shaft.

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