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SEW 7015N Digital High Voltage Insulation Tester

new SEW 7015N Digital Cat IV (600 V) High Voltage Tester has thirty insulation
test voltage levels ranging from 500 Volts to 15,000 Volts DC.

tester is therefore suited for testing LV and MV electrical assets including
high voltage motors. Insulation resistance can be measured to 2000 G-ohms, and
other standard insulation tests include Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR) and
Polarization Index (PI).

tester is provided with a guard rail to eliminate surface leakage when testing
insulation resistance of assets such as PILC cables. Internal data storage can
hold 200 measurements, and the instrument’s optical USB to RS-232 transmission
port allows data export to PCs via SEW’s standard CD-supplied software.

features include an AC/DC voltmeter as well as audible alarm for live circuits,
auto ranging on all insulation resistance ranges with auto hold to freeze
readings, bar graph display allowing visual observation of charging patterns, overload
protection, calendar and auto-power off. 

The tester is supplied with a
comprehensive set of test leads.

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