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Service protects crane owners and operators

A NEW safety and compli ance service has been set- up to protect crane-, hoist- and winch-owners from the risk of accidents or financial penalty as new regulatory requirements for safe crane use are drafted.

The new service, offered by ideas*, called ideas* Cranes, was developed to help crane-owners update their knowledge and manufacturing to comply with safety requirements.

According to ideas*, the com pany developed the service in response to the Council of Standards Australia looking to introduce new standards for the safe use of hoists, winches and cranes for manufacturers operat ing high-value assets.

Changes in the new standards, which have recently been reviewed, place increased onus for safety and compliance on crane owners, including: new requirements in the maintenance of crane duty records; annual third party inspections’ and changes to the cranes condition monitoring standard, ideas* said.

“Cranes are high value capital assets and carry complex and constantly changing regulatory requirements. Most crane compa nies focus on repair and mainte nance services, leaving owners exposed and in the dark about their responsibilities and compli ance risk,” said ideas* managing director, Mike Percy.

Ideas* Cranes is designed to bring crane owners and opera tors up-to-speed with the compli ance status of their fleets and provide advice on practical ways to resolve any potential gaps or problems. According to the organisation, crane-owners can gain advice from some of Australia’s most experienced structural, mechanical and elec trical crane engineers and tech nicians when using the service.

The team at ideas* Cranes can provide a suite of services including crane risk manage ment audits to assess the current crane management and individ ual cranes’ compliance with reg ulatory and safety requirements.

The company can also help users implement a cost-effective crane management system to ensure that regulatory compli ance is maintained, it claims.

Ideas* also offers third-party audit and inspection services designed to resolve management, safety and compliance issues.

“Our focus is on the big pic ture — how to cost effectively manage your crane asset. ideas* Cranes can highlight and resolve any compliance gaps, and as experienced, professional crane engineers, can provide certifica tion of compliance with Australian Standards and regula tory requirements,” said Percy.

“Crane operators need to pro tect themselves from financial penalty or potential accidents by ensuring their cranes meet regu latory standards. ideas* Cranes can help them do that.”

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