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SEMMA partners with Robotics Australia Group

The South East Melbourne Manufacturers Alliance (SEMMA) has announced a landmark collaboration with Robotics Australia Group, marking a significant milestone in the advancement of manufacturing advocacy in the region.

SEMMA and Robotics Australia Group have officially established a Working Agreement, setting the stage for a collaborative partnership designed to bring mutual benefits to their respective members.

SEMMA CEO, Honi Walker, expressed her enthusiasm about the collaboration. “This is the first time the two associations have come together to establish a Working Agreement. This partnership will bring great benefits to all our members.”

The alliance between SEMMA and Robotics Australia Group reflects a commitment to fostering innovation and growth within the manufacturing industry.

As both organisations share a common vision for the future of manufacturing, this collaboration is expected to open new avenues for knowledge exchange and resource-sharing.

Nicci Rossouw, CEO of Robotics Australia Group, also shared her excitement about the partnership. “We are thrilled to make this declaration and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial association.”

This collaboration demonstrates the commitment of SEMMA and Robotics Australia Group to drive innovation and excellence in the manufacturing industry.

Both SEMMA and Robotics Australia Group expect the alliance to create a platform for continuous dialogue, idea exchange and strategic partnerships, ultimately positioning south east Melbourne as a hub for cutting-edge manufacturing practices.

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