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Self assembling furniture created


A chair has been designed which is able to assemble itself in only ten minutes.

The furniture, designed by Belgian Carl de Smet, is built from smart-foam technology, which expands from a flat, compact block into a chair when heated, according to NineMSN.

Built from shape memory polyurethane, it can shrink down to five times its size and return to its original shape in around ten minutes.

de Smet has been working on the concept since 2002, and says it is a more sustainable manufacturing process.

"If it gets damaged and it's heated again, [the damage] disappears. If you ship the packaging and something happens to it, it doesn't matter because it isn't the end product; that's in the imprinted memory," he told Dezeen magazine.

The furniture will be unveiled at the Milan Design Festival, after which de Smet aims to bring the design to full size chairs.



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