Selecting the right HRC couplings for the job


Troy Markland knows power transmission like the back of his hand. He has been in the industry for almost 40 years and has managed Fenner’s range of power transmission products since CBC became a supplier for them in 2011. 

According to Troy, Fenner’s range is unmatched in terms of versatility and flexibility for the full spectrum of industrial applications. “Particularly in an agricultural setting, you will find solution opportunities on irrigation pumps, air compressors, mixers, blowers and machine engines,” he says. 

Fenner® Power Transmission (FPT) is a British headquartered engineering and manufacturing giant that was founded in 1861 by Joseph Henry Fenner.  The company developed a reputation for their extensive research and development in high-tech non-rubber polymers, thermoplastic elastomers, and complex textile reinforcements. 

Since its inception 150 years ago, Fenner® has leveraged its advanced research into polymers, raw materials and compounds, innovative 3D modelling and testing processes, to enhance product performance. 

One of the product ranges Fenner® have honed is that of their coupling elements, where they have a diverse selection for customers to choose from. Troy summarises as to why these are such a popular choice among CBC clientele. 

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