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Seeley International releases controller for evaporative coolers

Seeley International has introduced its MagIQtouch Controller to the Breezair range of evaporative air conditioners.

Seeley International founder and Executive Chairman, Frank Seeley said the new touch-screen technology had been developed and built in Australia, and was similar in size to a conventional smart-phone.

 “Its energy saving capabilities include a built-in, programmable seven day clock, with up to four separate time periods per day which are able to be programmed in…” Seeley said.

“We have also designed the controller so that customers can choose to operate the cooler with a simple display mode, where advanced functionality is hidden, or the more ‘tech savvy’ can opt to have all of the new advanced functionality at their fingertips.”

Seeley said another major benefit of this innovative controller was its energy-saving “night-quiet” mode, which automatically reduces the fan speed, while also reducing energy usage and costs.

He added that the controller “steps installers through the installation process so that critical steps cannot be missed, and it generates a display of any fault’s full description, rather than just producing a fault code which would then need interpretation.”

The troubleshooting guide, which used to be found only in the instruction manual, can now be accessed by touching the “information” button beside the fault description.

Plans are underway to introduce the controller to the company’s ducted gas heating and integrated cooling products.

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