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Seeley ducted gas heater earns award

Australian company Seeley International has celebrated the recent Good Design Awards achievement, winning a category for their new Braemar ducted gas heater.

Seeley won a Product Design: Hardware and Building category award for their Braemar 7 Star equivalent ducted gas heater at the awards, held earlier this month.

Executive chairman Frank Seeley said the award paid tribute to his company’s continuing R&D and innovation.

“The only downside to our new heater – if you can call it that – is that the bar has been raised so high when it comes to energy efficient performance, that it now exceeds the star ratings system currently in use across Australia and has prompted a review,” he said in a statement.

Seeley’s new heater was released in March this year. These are manufactured in Albury, NSW.

Other winners at the awards included Tesla for its Model S car (best overall) as well as Australian companies such as Centor and Blundstone.

The awards have been held since 1958.



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