The secret is in the split


Changing out the bearing on a large-scale industrial application can be challenging in the best of times. Lead times on replacements can be prolonged in the logistics stage, not to mention removing the old one and fitting up the new one — it is rarely a one-person job. 

CBC is part of the new wave of bearings solutions providers that work tirelessly to provide the latest in state-of-the-art bearings technologies to the industrial market, and one of the ways they achieve this is by partnering with world-leading bearings manufacturers like Schaeffler.  

From a manufacturing perspective, CBC Product Manager for Industrial Bearings, Tony Tormey defers to Schaeffler’s Split Spherical Roller Bearing range which allows for ease of changing out a unit in-situ. 

Spherical roller bearings units are constructed with solid outer rings with a concave raceway, a double row of caged barrel rollers, and a solid inner ring. Each barrel roller has the ability to move freely on the concave outer ring raceway which allows for torque, expansion or misalignment of the shaft that bearing is fitted onto. 

“Schaeffler’s Split Spherical Roller Bearings are German-engineered from high-quality steel compounds for extended bearing life which can save companies a lot of time and money on maintenance and downtime,” says Tony. “In split spherical roller bearings, the inner ring, outer ring and cage with the barrel rollers are all split in half. The advantage of the split feature is that they come apart on the shaft for easy replacement without having to dismantle the equipment to get to the bearing.”

Common application for split spherical roller bearings is on shafts supported at several points and difficult to access mounting locations. “A lot of plant conveyor and gearbox applications have difficult to reach bearings that require crane lifts to remove,” elaborates Tony. “What could take you a day or more to change, a split bearings takes a few hours because of the ease of access.” 

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