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Schweppes Archerfield replaces paper with voice

Schweppes Archerfield Distribution Centre (DC) has called upon integrations systems supplier Dexion and Vocollect by Honeywell to deliver automated voice-directed picking.

Prior to automated voice‐directed picking, Schweppes Archerfield used manual paper processes. This system relies on workers planning their picking routes based on paper picking sheets, which led to inefficiencies and also allowed for human error.

Schweppes Australia’s Archerfield DC operates five days a week, 24 hours a day and can pick up to 16,000 cases every day.

Under the new automated system, workers are directed via the Vocollect SRX2 wireless headset to a specific location in the warehouse to pick a specific type of product, eliminating the chance of manual intervention.

Queensland distribution manager of Schweppes Australia, Mike Heide said that in the first week of using the voice system, picking errors were reduced by 90 percent. “Our employees now have greater freedom, mobility and safety,” he said.

Paul Phillips, regional manager of Australia and New Zealand for Vocollect said the system helps enhance the facility’s customer service levels.

“The Vocollect Voice solution directs workers to their correct location, tells them how many cartons or products they need to pick, gets them to confirm this back to the system – taking a carton count, all of which helps ensure correct products are picked and go right to the customer,” Phillips said.


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