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Schneider Electric to grow Food and Beverage sector in Australia

Schneider Electric has identified the food and beverage industry in Australia as a major key growth opportunity for 2011 and will increase its business focus and expand its team in the sector in coming months, according to the company.

Its increased focus in Australia is part of the group’s wider strategy to strengthen expertise in this market internationally.

This includes the global appointment of Carola Puusteli into a newly created role as Vice President of Food and Beverage, based in France.

Schneider Electric believes that energy management is key to Australian food and beverage organisations remaining competitive, and will work with current and new customers throughout 2011 to ensure they are benefitting from its economies of scale and global expertise in energy management.

Craig Roseman is the newly appointed National Segment Manager, Food & Beverage, Schneider Electric Industry Business Australia believes as energy costs continue to increase, the food and beverage industry has a commercial incentive to save energy through efficient installation, optimisation, automation, monitoring and rigorous maintenance which can deliver significant energy reductions, in the order of 30 per cent.

According to the company, it already works with many global food and beverage customers to deliver energy efficiency audits and consultancy in streamlining operations.

“Our new global focus on this market provides a great opportunity for Australian businesses to benchmark energy use against the major players in the food and beverage industry worldwide and work with Schneider Electric to apply best practice principles to their business,” she said.

"The key business drivers for the local food and beverage industry in 2011 will focus on customers increasing operational productivity and efficiencies, while keeping margins low,

"We have strengthened our capabilities to best service these needs by providing Australian multinationals with access to our global network, which also gives access to our international purchasing network,

“Some of our leading food and beverage brands are international brands, headquartered in Europe or North America, and they want a consistent level of service, product and cost efficiencies in whichever region they operate in," said Roseman.  

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