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Schneider Electric in alliance to further IoT innovation

Schneider Electric has announced a multi-year collaboration with the HKUST-MIT Research Alliance Consortium as a key supporter of the consortium’s research for IoT technologies for intelligent buildings and transportation.

The goal of this global research, with HKUST in Hong Kong and MIT in Cambridge, is to resolve challenging problems in engineering domains such as circuits and devices, signal processing, communications and control as well as advanced data analytics, with a focus on enabling IoT technologies for better building infrastructure and enhancing transportation connectivity.

 Support and collaboration in this research further shows the company’s commitment to technology advancement and will allow the company to take advantage of some of the most cutting-edge research available in the field of IoT.

Schneider Electric joins Intel, Texas Instruments and others as sponsors of HKUST-MIT Research Alliance Consortium.

Through collaborations like the work with HKUST-MIT Research Alliance Consortium, Schneider Electric is focused on developing new technologies and services that will drive intelligence, efficiency and connectivity to help customers meet these new and emerging challenges.

“We are pleased to welcome Schneider Electric’s participation in this important initiative that works not only to advance the field of IoT but also to connect the expertise of academia and industry on a global scale.” said Charles Sodini, LeBel Professor Electrical Engineering, MIT

“Our work with the HKUST-MIT Research Alliance Consortium is an important part of our strategy to bring Operational Intelligence to the Internet of Things to help transform the world,” said Barry Cloflan, Chief Technology Officer, EcoBuilding Division, Schneider Electric. “Collaboration across industry, academia, research and government will be critical to accelerating the impact that IoT can have on a wide range of industries, and on our global society.”


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