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Schmersal’s 4th generation safety hinge switches offering freely adjustable switching angle

Control Logic introduces the fourth generation of safety hinge switches from
Schmersal in the Australian market.

The new Schmersal TESK safety hinge switches feature a switching angle freely
adjustable over the whole of the working range. The switching angle is the hinge
angle at which the safety-related signal is initiated. The user can select
different contact configurations with up to four contacts, and also has the
option of cable connection or plug connection.

The Schmersal TESK safety hinge switch is designed to be mounted on the
hinge side of the rotating guard, replacing the conventional hinge to take over
position monitoring of the guard.

Key benefits of Schmersal TESK safety hinge switches include high
protection against tampering as the safety switch, integrated into the guard,
is not visible to the operator; allows machine builders to construct their
machines and enclosures with the commercially available aluminium profile
systems; and sleek appearance offering the perfect solution for position
monitoring of protection doors on design-oriented machines. Even double swing
doors can be monitored with this new hinge switch. 

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