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Schaeffler expands the availability of OPTIME in Asia Pacific


With the introduction of OPTIME to the market in 2020, automotive and industrial supplier Schaeffler presented an innovative condition monitoring system for machines and systems. 

The system is easy to put into operation, can be used without any specialist knowledge, and is so economical that it pays off in large numbers. 

With the latest update, OPTIME now also integrates Schaeffler’s condition monitoring systems (CMS) SmartCheck and ProLink. OPTIME covers condition monitoring for a very wide range of machines and often even entire plants.  

OPTIME is now available in Singapore and Korea, in addition to Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and India, in Asia Pacific. 

With the release of Optime for Singapore, we are expanding our scope in the Asia Pacific to provide analysis which enables maintenance teams to predict machine problems and act appropriately,” Schaeffler industrial president South East Asia David Nevin said. 

“As a result, our customers reduce downtime and increase the profitability of their machinery.” 

OPTIME will soon be available in Japan, Vietnam and Indonesia as well. 

Avoiding downtimes, increase profitability 

Via the smartphone or desktop app, OPTIME gives customers visibility on the status of their plant with user-friendly, prioritised messages. This enables smoother in-house maintenance measures, personnel use and replacement part procurement in a timely and cost-efficient manner. The modular service concept offers online, remote or on-site services. 

Condition monitoring made easy  

With automated system configuration and data analysis, industrial users can easily understand and use OPTIME. This is also applicable to Schaeffler’s single-channel CMS SmartCheck and the multi-channel CMS ProLink. Operators and maintenance personnel can have an expert eye tracking the condition of every machine in the plant via the app. 

Award winning solution 

OPTIME was also awarded in the categories of “Smart Product” and “Industrial Design” at this year’s Red Dot Design Awards. 

“Our passion for technology and innovation is a key part of our DNA,” Schaeffler AG CEO Industrial Stefan Spindler said. 

“OPTIME receiving the award proves that we can successfully expand our portfolio with digital services that prioritise the benefit to the customer.” 

Just a few months after OPTIME condition monitoring system was launched in Europe last year, it has won the Industry 4.0 Innovation-Award, presented by VDE VERLAG GmbH in cooperation with the “ZVEI” and the “Standardisation Council Industry 4.0.” This confirms the automotive and industrial supplier’s ambition to shape progress that moves the world. 

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