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SC Edge

The use of technology is becoming one of the most critical strategies organisations need to transform their supply chain as a hub of business innovation.  

With challenges such as disruptions, shortages and security incidents putting enterprises more at risk, brought by an increasingly globalised supply chain network, leaders are now forced to do a rethink on their business models.  

Organisations must begin to understand and invest in the right supply chain technology for their operations. These advanced technologies have the potential to deliver you a competitive advantage: providing increased visibility through an integrated end-to-end (E2E) supply chain, utilising big data to make better-informed decisions, and even improving efficiency and productivity in the warehouse while reducing labour risks and costs. 

Unlock your competitive edge 

This coming 12-14 October 2022, Akolade’s SC Edge event will be all about that: driving innovation and utilising the latest technologies to advance your supply chain. 

Located at the Pullman Melbourne Albert Park, SC Edge will provide attendees with practical strategies and tools on how to better utilise technology across supply chain functions to drive operational excellence, improve efficiencies and gain a competitive advantage.  

Attendees will learn from over 30 supply chain professionals on how to effectively utilise data to improve decision-making, improve their inventory and warehouse management as well as optimise their logistics. 

Big data 

No longer just a buzzword, big data is now a guiding principle of supply chain management. Discussions at SC Edge will centre on how to clean, analyse, and gain greater access to big data for smarter decision-making processes. 


There’s an increasing need for speed, largely driven by changing consumer behaviours. There’s also an increased need for both the supply chain manager and customer to have visibility and options when it comes to their delivery. SC Edge will help you elevate your inbound and outbound logistics frameworks through improved processes and new technologies. 

Warehouse automation 

By enabling more warehouse automation, organisations are able to increase their productivity and efficiency and speed up their deliveries. However, when including more technology and automation in the warehouse, it increased safety risks for staff working in the same area. 


Critical to improving supply chain planning, real-time insight brings increased supply chain visibility for improved operational efficiency.  

There is a constant need to innovate and there has never been a better time to start than now. This is the opportunity of the year to gain the knowledge and skills to get a competitive edge to your supply chain! 

Check out the full program details here and register for the event with a Manufacturers’ Monthly discount here.

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