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Safe Work Week 2011 in SA starts tomorrow

The opening day of Safe Work Week 2011 in South Australia will be marked by insights into how to deal with OHS disputes within the workplace.

Safe Work Week 2011 which commences tomorrow will provide participants with first hand view of how an OHS dispute can arise, escalate and be handled in a presentation entitled: ‘Pin A Notice On Me’.

The scenario deals with a temporary manager from New South Wales who disputes the actions of an experienced and long–standing Health and Safety Representative at an Adelaide workplace.

This presentation is designed to show employers and employees the likely and realistic implications of new Provisional Improvement Notices, which will come in to being under the harmonised WHS laws.

The employer’s view of a terrible day at work where an employee is hurt will be presented by Geoff Blackwood of Barossa Enterprises, whose business went through that very scenario in August 2009.

Barossa Enterprises believed it had in place all of the necessary OHS standards, procedures and precautions to ensure the wellbeing of its employees, but they were wrong and the firm was prosecuted over the incident.

Blackwood will speak about the hard lessons learned from that incident

Other sessions today will deal with violence at work, sexual harassment, safety for small business and successfully returning to work from injury.

The event is presented by the SafeWork SA advisory committee in partnership with SafeWork SA, Business SA, SA Unions and WorkCoverSA.

For more information about events at Safe Work Week 2011, clickhere.

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