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SA and Victoria to compete for car industry assistance

South Australia and Victoria will be expected to compete with each other to secure funding from the assistance package aimed at the closure of Ford, Toyota, and Holden manufacturing plants.

The ABC reports that the federal government has announced there will $155million of assistance available to industry.

From this package, $45m has been earmarked for jobs support, training and advice; $20m will be used to help supply chain firms diversify; $60m will be spent on fast-tracking private sector investment in non-automotive manufacturing; and $30m will be spent on supporting further non-manufacturing opportunities in the affected communities.

However, according to Federal Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane, while Victoria has two thirds of the nation’s car manufacturing workers, the total funding won’t necessarily be divided in those exact proportions.

"The impact is greater here in South Australia so we'd expect, on a per capita basis, individuals will probably receive a higher amount in this state," Mr told reporters in Adelaide on Tuesday.

He added that he wants to see the best projects receive funding.

"How that money is distributed will depend on the quality of the proposals," he said.

As reports, the federal government will provide $101 million, the South Australian and Victorian governments will provide $12 million each, and car makers will also provide funding.

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