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Rusted nuts and bolts solution

EUROPEAN auto chemical specialist Wurth has released an upgraded rust-dissolver/penatrine called Rost Off Plus, developed from Rost Off, a benchmark for fighting rusted nuts and bolts.

Rost Off Plus not only offers high performance rust dissolving abilities but does so with additional lubrication properties.

This is achieved with the upgrading of the base mineral oil with a new organic molybdenum compound.

Together they quickly penetrate through a strong capillary action and provide effective lubrication; the product can even be used as a cutting oil when drilling.

Additionally, good corrosion protection is also achieved ensuring Rost Off Plus can be used to spray metals to prevent corrosion.

Rost Off Plus is free from silicone, resins and acids, has only a mild odour and is compatible with rubber and plastics.

To match the new performance it is available in a 300ml aerosol pack, a five litre container and a twenty litre container. A Rost Off labelled, heavy-duty, one litre professional pump bottle is also available.


Rost Off Plus is available in three packs: handy aerosol or in 5 and 20 litre containers.

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