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Running a more efficient manufacturing operation with digital time and attendance solutions

The manufacturing industry is an increasingly global and competitive sector and it is more important than ever to maximise efficiency.

Organisations must look to every aspect of their business and find ways to run a more efficient operation, including the management of their workforce. In any business, its greatest asset is its people and the need to manage resources effectively is now critical.

Many businesses in the manufacturing industry are still using traditional time cards and punch clocks to monitor time and attendance, despite their inefficiencies, high error risk and timely processes. This is alarming for an industry where precision and accuracy are fundamental principles.

The benefits of migrating to a digital time and attendance process are now well worth the switch; a recent report by American Axsium Group found that companies saved an average of $2,072 per employee in the year immediately following implementation of an automated time and attendance solution.

Managing a mobile workforce

With many manufacturing organisations now operating from more than one site as well as an increase in temporary workers during peak times, digital time and attendance solutions offer features that give supervisors and managers real time information about their employees. Many businesses in the manufacturing sector paying temporary employees per hour, having real time accurate information allows managers to calculate hours worked with precision and efficiently.

Managers are also able to see patterns in lateness and sickness as well as organise shift cover and rota changes in real time. They are able to see the productivity and efficiency of an entire workforce at a glance.

This also has added safety benefits as digitising the process allows managers to have knowledge of where every employee is at any given time.


Digital time and attendance software is also automatically configured to ensure that leave and work rotas ahere to company, federal, state, local and industry regulations. This eliminates the risk of costly fines and penalties.

 Biometric scanners

An added feature of many time and attendance software solutions for the manufacturing industry is the ability to use biometric scanners. Biometric time and attendance systems work by measuring features of the body that are unique to each person, and thus offer greater accuracy in attendance tracking and access control.

Biometric clocking terminals prohibit employees from borrowing keys and entering controlled areas. They also reduce time theft and the possibility of an employee clocking in on behalf of another.

The latest multi-spectral imaging technology looks beneath the surface of the skin to eliminate common fingerprint capture problems such as dirt, moisture or temperature and can accurately read prints through a latex glove. 

Cloud-based solutions

It is also possible to take advantage of digital time and attendance solutions without complex IT infrastructure. With cloud-based products, the provider manages the software and infrastructure meaning there is no extra work for in-house IT departments.

A popular option for many small to medium sized manufacturing businesses, cloud-based products offer a cheaper, quicker, accessible and mobile solution for time and attendance tracking.

Mitrefinch – intelligent employee management 

Mitrefinch, one of Australia’s leading time and attendance software providers, has extensive experience in the manufacturing industry. Working with leading global manufacturing businesses including Zip Instant Boiling Water, Wilson Transformers, Cooper Vision, Claytons Kitchens, Capilano Honey, B&D Doors and Mitsubishi Electric, Mitrefinch has knowledge and expertise to work with manufacturers and customise unique time and attendance solutions for each business.

With over 30 years’ experience, Mitrefinch’s project team assists in every step of the way and has a dedicated consultancy team that combines project management skills and technical expertise.

To find out about time and attendance solutions for your business, visit:


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