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Rumours new Apple MacBook will use “E-Ink” tech from Sydney start-up

There are rumours that Apple is working with Sydney company Sonder Design to develop a special “E-Ink” keyboard for release with the 2018 MacBook.

The Wall Street Journal cites unnamed sources “familiar with the plans” that Sonder – part of an incubator program run by Taiwanese Apple contractor Foxconn – and Apple aimed to deliver a MacBook with keys that could change appearance.

The customisable keyboards would have appeal for those who wrote in more than one language or users wanting context-sensitive buttons. They have similarities with displays on e-books such as Amazon’s Kindle.

Last week there were reports that Apple was planning to acquire Sonder, after claims from a Reddit user who said she had used a Sonder/Apple prototype keyboard at a Tsinghua University event.

The Verge notes that Sonder is launching its own Bluetooth E-Ink keyboard this year. It also reports that there is currently no “smoking gun” regarding the prototype keyboard or the acquisition.

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