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Project: Plate Steel Sculpting

RON Clarke has developed a new craft of Plate Steel Sculpting using steel welding and cutting processes.

Because of the steel’s durability and impact, Clarke says there is great scope for use of creative­ly fashioned steel plate as a very Australian art form in architecture, landscaping, monuments and con­sumer products.

From 30x30cm pieces to large scale corporate signs and banner, the company has designed and created signs used as tourist attractions, as gate­ways to towns, signs for companies, memorials for Vietnam Veterans and for Awards.

The smaller pieces comprise many intricate cuts, with even the simplest designs taking thousands of maneuvers on a computer-generated cutting device and are impossible to replicate.

The company’s creations are one-off pieces that are hand-crafted specifically to the client’s needs. They are not commercially mass-produced replicas.

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