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Roche Australia recalls Valium due to tampering


Manufacturer Roche Australia has initiated a widespread recall of prescription-only Valium, due to evidence of medicine tampering.

All batches of Valium 5mg in packs of 50 tablets are being recalled, after it was reported that packs were sold with blister sheets containing different medications, such as Codeine, Rosuvastatin and Pantoprazole. An investigation is underway to determine who or what was responsible for this.

A company spokesperson told CHOICE that the tampering likely happened at Roche’s Australian warehouse.

Considering that Valium is known to be highly addictive (especially compared to the medications it was swapped with), the incident is being treated as suspicious.

It is unknown how many packets are affected. Patients are being advised to return their medication to the place of purchase, where they will be issued a generic equivalent of the drug.

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