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Robert Bosch relocates overseas, 380 jobs lost

News that Robert Bosch Australia will relocate some of its manufacturing operations overseas is another hard knock for workers and their families.

The decision will reportedly affect some 380 jobs at the Clayton site in Victoria over the next two and a half years. The company currently employs 1,100 people at Clayton out of a total of over 1,800 across Australia.

The Government issued a statement closed of business Friday saying that it regrets that the decision and will stand with workers and the company to minimise the social and economic disruption to families.

“The Australian Government is disappointed to learn that Robert Bosch Australia Pty Ltd will be relocating some of its manufacturing operations overseas.

“Bosch’s decision to relocate reflects the company’s international commercial priorities.

“Bosch did not speak to the Australian Government before making its announcement,” the statement reads.

Minister of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Senator Kim Carr says Bosch has assured him that the company has a strong and on-going commitment to the Australian market and community.

“And, importantly, its design and engineering capability will remain in Australia — Bosch will continue to manufacture components for local markets,” said Senator Carr in the same statement.

The company axed around 170 manufacturing workers in 2009 at it’s the plant in Clayton, Victoria. The redundancies were made as a result of a significant drop in auto component part sales following the global financial crisis.

The Detroit News recently reported that Robert Bosch will create about 24,000 new jobs in China almost doubling its workforce to approximately 50,000 people by 2015; a move which will see the auto components manufacturer milk what it can out of the expected auto sales boom.

The company will add most of the jobs in the automotive unit and that workers will reportedly be in development and production.

In other news, Robert Bosch Energy and Body Systems will add1,000 jobs to its Miskolc plant  in northeast Hungary over the next two years.

Work will reportedly begin on a new line of electric bicycle motors at the plant, which was opened in 2003, and which saw a Ft 6.5 billion expansion kicked off in June of last year, reported the

The company currently employs approximately 1,500 in Hungary, most in the manufacturing of auto components.

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