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Rheinmetall unveils a new generation of tactical trucks: The HX3

Rheinmetall recently unveiled the HX3, the latest generation of the HX family of heavy-duty trucks. Drawing from innovative technologies the military truck has been redesigned to address contemporary military and automotive megatrends improving mobility, protection, driving comfort and operational flexibility, while still harnessing the valued core strengths of the HX2 and the family concept.

The new vehicles are military off-the-shelf (MOTS) products, and are specifically designed for military use in the most gruelling operating conditions. Along with the robust chassis and powerful engine there is also the option to include an active rear axle suspension, which significantly boosts the vehicle’s performance on and off road.

The HX3 generation embodies a platform concept designed for logistic operations and tactical scenarios with the HX3 available in 4×4, 6×6, 8×8 and 10×10 versions and characterised by even greater variant and system diversity. New systems are also incorporated to further facilitate its classic logistics role, like the fully Automated Load Handling System (ALHS) and Universal Torsion-Resistant Subframe (UTRS).

The vehicle is also better able to serve as a systems carrier for complex weapon and radar systems, including truck-based artillery systems. Combined with the newly developed Artillery Truck Interface (ATI) the HX 10×10 could potentially be used in the future as the standard basis for various artillery solutions or similar.

Within the cab’s new design, the HX3 delivers ease of operation and crew protection through assistance systems that assure enhanced safety for soldiers in the field or in civilian settings, such as Emergency Brake Assist (EBA), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Lane Departure Warning (LDW). The new electronic architecture guarantees the vehicle’s future viability, particularly regarding autonomous driving. Due to standardised interfaces, it will be possible to integrate technologies that become available in future, like truck platooning.

HX3 trucks also have the option to be equipped with an armoured cab that can be modularly augmented. As well as conventional camouflage the new generation of vehicles feature a digital stealth mode whereby all data transmission and receiver functions can be switched off to reduce the digital signature. A reinforced roof offers space for weapon stations with heavy weaponry and additional active and passive protection systems are available, such as Rheinmetall’s ROSY Rapid Obscuring System and the very short-range ADS Active Defence System.

A systematically applied identical components concept coupled with extensive functional commonality between models ensures that operation is simpler and more efficient. A global service network guarantees fast resupply and support throughout a long service life, while unifying components and functions to facilitate maintenance, logistics and training.

With other 15,000 vehicles in operation worldwide, a significant amount of compatibility with previous HX generations reinforces this. RMMV’s global presence highlights advantages in interoperability and logistics, particularly with multinational operations. The international HX users now include Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Australia and New Zealand, with substantial orders recently placed in Norway and Sweden.

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